Guitar Instructor



  • Please arrive on time.

  • There is ample street parking near my studio.


  • Please remember to bring your instrument along with any materials/books that I give you to work on. Don’t forget anything else you need to play, such as picks. If you are learning on an electric guitar, I have an extra amplifier in my studio for students to use.


  • Please commit to practicing at home in order to fully receive the value of private instruction. If you are a parent, please help your child maintain a practice routine.


  • For a new student, I teach a 30min Trial lesson for $30.


  • I strongly suggest you pay for 4 lessons at a time, sort of like tuition. This will get you 10% and helps me stabilize my schedule. This will also reserve your weekly time. Otherwise I can’t necessarily guarantee that spot will always be available.

  • Payment must be received by the first lesson of each tuition period.

  • Tuition may be increased occasionally based on cost of living or other factors.


  • If you need to miss a lesson, please provide at least 24 hours notice. Without proper notice, payment for that lesson will be used or collected. With proper notice, I will push our schedule out one week.

  • If I need to miss a class I will give as much notice as possible and we will continue the following week without any cost or loss of credit to you.


  • At the beginning of each tuition period I will ask to discuss the upcoming months.

  • If your lesson time falls on a holiday we will meet the next week.


  • If you or your child is ill, please do not come to our appointment. We can arrange a skype lesson or you may use one of your make ups.


  • I can accept payment via cash, check, venmo, paypal, or credit card.