Guitar Instructor




I provide private lessons in guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, songwriting, music theory, and composition. I teach all levels and ages but I specialize in teaching beginners. Over the years I’ve found that my strength is connecting with absolute beginners and explaining in clear, manageable steps how to get started on their instruments and build a foundation on which to grow. I’ve been able to alleviate frustration for many of my students and provide a path for consistent growth.

Stylistically, my foundations are in jazz, pop, and rock. Studying jazz provided me with a wide ranging foundation of technique and a clear understanding of theory and how it relates to the instrument. For advanced students I rely heavily on the books and methods of my former teacher and guitar guru, Randy Vincent.

As a songwriter, I love to share my knowledge of theory and how it can be applied to writing songs. In addition, I enjoy sharing my process for writing and recording songs at home, including basics of recording software and techniques. Also, if you are a music student in college or high school and are struggling with traditional theory or musicianship, I can provide tutoring to help you through your classes.

I treat each student as an individual and I gear my lessons towards their goals and interests. I believe strongly in showing my students the concepts behind playing so that they can use that knowledge to further their own growth. I have a calm a patient demeanor while teaching and I always treat students with respect.


Some of the topics I cover include:

  • Basic open chords

  • Basic strumming patterns

  • Tablature

  • Traditional music notation and sight-reading

  • Playing with a pick

  • Basic finger-picking

  • Advanced strumming patterns

  • Barre chords

  • Jazz chords

  • Triads

  • Chord Inversions

  • Scales

  • Arpeggios

  • Soloing

  • Improvisation

  • Playing while singing


Lessons are taught at my home studio in the Montavilla neighborhood of NE Portland. I also teach at Montavilla Guitar Studio and you can check out my teacher profile here.


For information about rates please contact me. 


Please review my policies if you are considering signing up for lessons.


Check out the video below to see one of my former students performing after only a few months of lessons: